Going Gray Looking Great!

The first - and only - beauty bible for women of all ages who want to know
how to make every stage of going gray absolutely gorgeous!

Be Beautiful. Be You. Be Authentic

Discover the secrets of going gray successfully from the first, and only, book that will take you from transitioning to a whole new you.

Going Gray, Looking Great!

Diana Lewis Jewell, known as the “guru of gray” started a revolution with her savvy advice, her flock of Silver Sisters, and her website dedicated to women around the world who wanted (yes wanted!) to go gray gracefully, naturally, and beautifully.

And now you can learn those secrets. All in one book. All for you.

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Find Out More...

The book is chockfull of ideas, tips, suggestions. Find out how to:

  • Decide (or not) to go Gray. What you need to know to make the decision.
  • Transition seamlessly, with or without the help of professionals
  • Create shine, silkiness and softness with your new grays
  • Correct silver that goes off-color
  • Choose the right shampoos, conditioners and styling aids for gray hair
  • Find the best wardrobe colors for your new silvers
  • Get the glow going with essential skincare techniques
  • Switch or adapt your makeup colors
  • Enhance your grays with special effects

And More! Learn what men really think about gray hair...See who is great at being gray...learn how to handle curly/frizzy/wavy grays...find out why hair goes gray and learn some of the myths surrounding it...discover why your mother’s influence may be stronger than you think...

And More! Lots of Tips, Lots of Techniques.

What They’re Saying...

“I read it cover to cover and then again. More importantly, I still pull it out and pour over it.”

“When I got my book in the mail, I made a fresh pot of Starbucks coffee...lit the fireplace...and hunkered down in my big chair! I was fascinated by the wealth of information it contains! It has been a wonderful resource! You’ll enjoy it from cover to end! Have fun!”

“I’ve just finished reading your book, and what a joy! Thank you for your valuable insights and good research.”

“I really appreciate the brand suggestions you make in your book. So glad to have a “manual” to help me on my way down this road.”

“Your book really helped me to get the courage to try to go gray... and to enjoy the journey.”

“I think your book is probably one of the most comprehensive, if not the most complete book about the whole process of letting your hair be what it is, and stop being enslaved to the spin doctors who tell us that gray is bad (all because they need to sell a product).”

“I have just bought the book and I absolutely love it! Such a great inspiration accompanied with a ton of advice!”

“I've been dipping into your book again and have taken it to bed with me the past few evenings. It has become a real friend.”

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Going Gray, Looking Great! - Order your copy today

238 Pages, 14 Chapters, with Index,
Full color throughout,
Paperback 9.1 x 7.1 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the book?

Paperback 9.1x 7.1 inches, 238 pages, 14 Chapters, with index, Full color throughout.

How is the book sent?

For domestic orders, the book is shipped USPS Media Rate, with an average delivery time of 7-10 days. For international orders, the book is shipped USPS International First Class

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Can I see a table of contents?
Chapter One
Having a Gray Hair Day?
When does the moment of truth come? And what will you do about it?
Chapter Two
Café Au Gray
A roundtable discussion. Women tell all.
Chapter Three
The Color Quandary
There are so many ways to go gray, or not. Pick one.
Chapter Four
Going Through the Change
Friends, family, and career. Attitude adjustments and emotions.
Chapter Five
Hair Apparent
Just what is gray hair, anyway? Facts, fiction, physiology.
Chapter Six
It's Easy Being Gray
Hair care, simplified. The tips, techniques, and products to turn everyday gray into shining silver.
Chapter Seven
Great Style: Finding the Right Image
Do you really need to change your wardrobe? Or your colors? How to know.
Chapter Eight
Great Skin: Beating the Blahs
Is your face turning gray, too? How to deal with dullness, washout, loss of glow.
Chapter Nine
Great Face: Getting Makeup Right
Keep cosmetics sheer and light, with a dash of reflectivity.
Chapter Ten
Great Hair: Making it Modern
How to play up gray for all it's worth -- the style, the cut, the color!
Chapter Eleven
Great Hair: Special Effects
Sometimes gray needs a color boost. Professional techniques can enhance every strand.
Chapter Twelve
Crazy, Wavy, Hazy Gray
Forget Goldilocks. If your silvery strands swirl and curl, kink and wink, you can be your own legend!
Chapter Thirteen
Who's Great at Being Gray?
There's a whole new "cool" to gray. Works for celebrities, men, models.
Chapter Fourteen
Hey, You Don't Have to Stay Gray
Ten ways to know if gray doesn't work for you; how to go back; how to go forward.

Join the fun! Find us on Facebook and at Cafe-Gray.com.