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How Do You Get From Here To Gray?

How Do You Get From Here To Gray?

GOING GRAY? Maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re going platinum. Or pewter. Or sterling, snow, silver, ice or pearl. Think of it this way: it may not be your birth color, but the effect is a true and honest overall color. If we change the way we think about gray, about the fading, the aging, and think about it as a viable color choice, it changes our way of thinking about gray hair.

Just as we don’t say “yellow” for blonde hair, we don’t have to say gray. Giving your gray a new name is more than semantics. It implies an attitude about gray, an acceptance of its natural beauty. Its pure, yes, color. It’s time for the way we perceive gray to change. When people compliment my “gray” hair, I say “Thank you, but it’s really pewter with ice highlights.” Try it.

going through “the change.”
There are lots of ways to play with gray, lots of ways to “survive” the whole process, and look fabulous every step of the way. The book gives you really four choices, which you can explore in depth in Chapter 3. But click on any of the choices on the right if you want some quick tips.

Here’s a model runway shot for all you gals who hate your roots. Okay, hers are in-reverse (white hair, blonde roots), but the message seems to be – if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em! Transitioning can be tough, but put a smile on your face and walk that catwalk, girl! Take a look at Café Gray, too, for great Member tips.

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