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Hair treatment is a process and requires time and efforts, We have the right plans which can help you eep your hair up to date with style.

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The products we use on our clients are made of natural ingredients and can make your hair look naturally glossy and shiny.

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With our range of recommended conditioners, your hair is sure to look luscious in just one wash.

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Hair can also loose moisture, the main reason for you hair breaking. But we can help maintain them to ensure that your greying hair stay beautiful.

Prevention Guidelines

Prevention is better than cure and we can help your hair stay beautiful with the right protection guidelines.

Heat Protection

We have all the right measures to help you keep your hair safe with all the right products.

Going gray is a natural part of the aging process 

Hair turning Gray is nothing to be ashamed of. At Going Gray Looking Great, we want to make you feel comfortable with your natural Gray hair.

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To help keep your eyelashes at their maximum volume.

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To help ensure that your air stays lustrous all day long.


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One sign of having the right hair is to ensure that the shine stays always.

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We can help you feel confident even with your pigmented hair.

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I was skeptical about the saloon for the longest time but when I saw my Nana’s hair I thought she needs a hair makeover. I wanted to know if they can really give the confidence to my Nana. I am so happy to see her loving her hair and the way she looks. It feels like they not just gave her a makeover but also confidence.

Jeri C. Jasika

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Importance of excel project timelines for consultants

As a business consultant, you must know that planning and execution of your tasks on a timely basis is everything. You cannot run a smooth business without a proper plan and without sticking to a strict timeline. Time is money and the person who knows the art to cash it is the market leader. For a business consultant, it is not an easy task to manage all the tasks and proper supervision of staff without a great timeline. There are many methods through which you can manage these things, but the simplest and most cost-efficient method is to use excel timeline printables.

Difficulties faced by a consultant:

When you are running a consultation business, there are many difficulties that come your way. You need to plan everything in order to reduce the stress and increase the continuity of workflow through your team members. Whatever consultation you are providing, you need to plan the work in order to get it done on time. Following are the basic difficulties that are faced by majority consultant in the market.

  • Budget constraints
  • Overbooked staff
  • Technological limitations
  • Multiple projects
  • No proper project timeline application

In order to sort the above-mentioned difficulties, the best solution available to these business consultants is to use excel timeline printables which are easily available on the internet and can be downloaded for free. There are many benefits of using the templates in excel format and the biggest advantage is that most of the people in an organization are already familiar with how to use the excel application. It is better than introducing a new application and spending money on staff training. If you are running a business and you have to meet strict deadlines, the best thing available to you on the internet is to download such a timeline and use it for the proper flow of work throughout your organization. There are many other benefits as well which are enlisted below:

  • Proper communication to the clients, including the delayed work and completed tasks
  • Look the future tasks and properly manage the time for lengthy tasks
  • Proper timeline allows you to know the time when you should be asking your client about the payments
  • Intimate the clients about the delays on a timely basis without affecting your professional relationship
  • Reduce your liability towards client by completing the projects on a timely basis
  • Have an overview of all the ongoing tasks at a glance
  • Track the progress in an efficient manner without wasting your energy and money

There are many websites available on the internet which provide excel timeline printables however you should always go for a website that is providing it for free and quality is also not compromised. These two should be the decisive factors while selecting the website to download such templates. You can check for the customer feedbacks in order to ensure the quality of templates and the usability options. Otherwise, you can always download the free templates and check for the specific usability for your own business.

How should you manage your timelines?

This is not a simple task and it requires a lot of effort to manage and effectively plan the timelines for your staff. You have to access your resources and have to allocate proper time to each stage of task in order to make sure that everything would be done on a timely basis. In order to understand this thing in a better way, you should always consider following three important points in your mind to make sure that things are working best for you:

  • Develop timelines through a good project template
  • Try to follow the timeline and do not deviate
  • Create the timeline with flexibilities and allow time for potential delays

Explanation for the project timelines:

Previously, it was not an easy task to create these timelines because of the limited options available. Now, every other person has created a lot of different templates and these are present for free on the internet and you can easily download the excel timeline printables and can create your customized timeline in an easy fashion. The best part of using these templates is that, you can re-use them in an easy manner without altering them much for your next project. Just invest some of your time at this planning stage and rest of your work would be quite easy. It also makes it easy for other staff members to follow the pre-planned timeline as they would know what is required to be completed and which thing should be given priority in a specific project. If there is no specific timeline, all your workflow would go in a chaos and nothing would work out for you in expected manner.

The second past is even more crucial, because creating timeline is easier as compared to sticking to it. Even if you are dedicated to the timeline, you might get delayed because of one team member. Therefore, it is very important to properly consider the available human resource while allocating the work and should avoid people who can cause unnecessary delays. Similarly, there are many external factors which can play their role to delay the project, that is why it is important to create a cushion and make flexibilities in your project timeline to properly address these unforeseen situations. With the above discussed guidelines, you can easily create and stick to the project timelines and can accomplish your targets in a better way.

CAR COVERS – Where to find the best?

A car cover is usually a large sheet which is designed uniquely to fit to any type of car model. These car covers are made from different materials all of which are preferably depending on the external conditions. The best and easiest way to protect a car from external interferences is to use a car cover. Car covers are mostly used when a car will not be used for some while. This is done to help the car stay under the best condition during such time. Some of these dirt may be caused by the rain, wind, leaves falling on the car. Even when the car is in the garage, it should be covered with a car cover particularly when the garage is being painted. Make sure that if you wan good service, then you go in for some good options like There are many options which are there and they give good value for money. Once you go to a website, you should know, that they are offering something which other people do not. So if you need good service then one should go on this.

There are different covers which are made up of different fabrics and based on the needs you can select the one which is the best for you and even the budget matters and this is something to keep track of. It is better to select the right material for your vehicle which is very important. The covers are also in horizontal and vertical form based on the needs and one can go in or it. It also help the vehicle to be no affected by UV rays and also with water and that is something very important that you need to know. Selecting the right material for the cover is something very important and you need to know the best.

Differences in car cover

Inside and outside

They are also referred to as indoor or outdoor car covers. Inside car covers are usually made of woven polyester with soft lining. They are light and breathable. These type of car covers are not waterproof therefore cannot keep water or liquid material from reaching the metallic surface of the car. Whereas, outside car covers are usually thicker and heavier. They are often waterproof and thus keep off water and liquid contents from getting to the car. Their only limitation is that they trap moisture and this could lead to the rusting of the metallic parts of the car. They are used in parts prone with rain and snow and to reduce the effects of the sun on the car. It is important that you visit a good website like, which has good number of options and you can enjoy your time.

Heavy duty or light use

The heavy duty types of car covers are usually used to prevent the car from dust, rain and snow and external interferences. They are usually made up of PVC material hence they are waterproof and thick. While, the light use type of car covers are used to keep the underneath of the car under the best conditions. They are looking for solutions which can help people protect their care without any issues. Not many god websites are on the internet, and so people are very confused about select the one that is good. It is about price and quality for most. Even some of the websites offer customizing of covers based on how customers need it, and they can really have good quality from home and that makes it a good option.

Tailor-made or general

Tailor-made car covers are designed to curve the exact same shape as the car. These types of car covers often fit exactly to the car like a fitting cloth. However, they are quite expensive and it is usually hard to find a supplier. General car cover types are those that fit different types of car cover types and they are usually modelled to take a rectangular shape. They are cheap and are usually made up of inferior materials.

In conclusion before anyone thinks of buying a cover they should first consider which needs are to be met. They should ask themselves some questions like will it be indoor or outdoor, they should also consider their affordability because no one would want to incur extra costs beyond the budget. Another factor to be considered is the quality of the material as good materials last longer as opposed to inferior materials. Hence when one is able to answer all the questions as to which cover meets their need, they are in a better position to get one as they are assured that it will meet their needs. website like are there to serve customers and give them a good buying experience.

What are some of the benefits of SARMs?


SARMs in full are called the selective receptor modular. They are known to have different health benefits. Many people mistake the use of SARMs with steroids. Although some of the effects can be similar, SARMs are not steroids. SARMs are among the best supplements to increase muscles. There are many types of SARMs in the market today. Many of them have been tested and approved for use. Manufacturers are not sleeping these days. Most of them are working day and night to make sure that the SARMs they are manufacturing are improving day and night. Many are working towards making sure that there are no SARMs that will have adverse effects on individuals.

SARMs are always available in different forms. They can be in the form of capsules or pills. They can also be available in the form of powder. It all depends on the manufacturer. SARMS react differently to different patients. Some might not work well with you but others will. There are many benefits that one can get from taking SARMs. Here are some of the benefits

Impacts muscle wasting

Many people in the world are suffering from muscle atrophy. Muscle atrophy is simply muscle wasting. It is normally a genetic condition because most of the babies are born with it. Apart from just being born with it, muscle wasting can also happen to adults. That means, it can occur due to genetic reasons and sometimes genetics might not be the case. Muscle wasting is a serious and chronic condition that can get worse with time if no action will be taken. Some people might have hidden symptoms of the condition and that might hinder them from realizing their condition they are in. To learn more on muscle wasting, visit


SARMs for muscle atrophy prevention

If you already have the muscle wasting effects or conditions, SARMs can help a lot in controlling the effects and sometimes undo it completely. Therefore, people who are suffering from muscle atrophy can still gain mass. All they have to do is start using SARMS. The gain in mass should be in lean mass and not the fat mass gain. There are many kinds of research that have been performed on the effects of SARMs on muscle atrophy. While there are other reasons for using SARMs, using them for atrophy can be the best reason ever for using the supplements.

Helps in healing bones

Apart from treating and controlling the muscle-wasting condition, SARMs can also be very important in healing. Initially, SARMs have been developed and even tested against the breast tumor, the tumor of the brain and even the prostate. There is little to no evidence that can prove that SARMs are capable of healing such tumors but findings show that they help a lot in the healing of bones. SARMs have beneficial effects on the body’s skeletal muscles. Skeletal problems are very common. Many people all over the world are suffering from a weak bone deficiency. Many of them also have low bone density. A very serious condition is known as osteoporosis. Those people who suffer from such conditions can have limited motion, brittle bones and any injury to the bone might take centuries to heal. Those are the people who are always in much pain. According to much research done on such conditions, it has been found that SARMS can help a lot in rectifying such situations. If you have a fracture, SARMs can help in the fast healing process. SARMs help a lot in strengthening muscles and avoiding wasting as well. Due to that, all the people with osteoporosis can benefit a lot by using SARMs.

Helps in mass gaining

Apart from bone healing, SARMs are also known to help in mass gaining. The human body can have strong, larger, small or weaker muscles. Different factors can contribute to that. Compared to steroids, the SARMs help a lot in gaining or building and adding the lean mass. Apart from just adding mass, SARMs make sure that there are no fats added. SARMs can do all that for you without expecting or experiencing adverse effects on your body. The good thing with SARMs is that they do not interfere with the heart functions, kidney function or liver function. Anyone who would wish to gain more mass without experiencing any side effects should try the use of SARMs.

Helps in fat loss

Another good thing with SARMs is that it can help you with fat loss. There are those people who usually have rigid and stubborn fats under their skin. The fats can also be attached to their muscles and even crucial organs. Such kinds of fats are not good for your health. To help you get rid of such fats without struggling a lot, you should consider taking SARMs. Many people commit themselves to work out daily and adhere to strict diet calendars for the sake of losing fats. If you will realize that all that commitment is not helping, you should go ahead and give SARMs the trust. It can work for you without the need to struggle a lot.

They are good performance enhancers

Many people experience muscle wasting during excise. When exercising, you will need enough strength and also power. If you have a problem with muscle wasting and low endurance during exercise, you should try using SARMs. It can work and will not give you any side effects. For more, visit

Why do people use fat burner supplements?

Among the common goals of fitness is fat loss. People go to the gym so that they may have a great look and more so, they aim to shed the fat that is not necessary in the body. Fat burners are supplements which when taken, help in increasing your metabolism, burn calories and curb hunger. There are also several fat burners which are natural and you may use them instead of using the supplements. Fat burners are generally supplements which help individuals to lose their weight. They come in many types on the market and you may find them as a pill, a healthy meal which promotes weight-loss, an organic herbal mix, among other types.

What are the ingredients in fat burners?

Below are some of the ingredients that you may find in fat burning supplements:

  • Caffeine – Most of the fat burners contain stimulant. Caffeine is used in the supplements for prolonging your focus, minimizing fatigue, improving your mood, and increasing your workout timeframe. Caffeine is able to minimize hunger and other kinds of caffeine can boost the burning of calories.
  • Carnitine – This is a substance which is always formed in your body when you eat meat. The aim of the substance is to maintain health and burn fat. Carnitine purposely targets to improve and utilize energy using the fatty acids within your body. Carnitine isn’t a stimulant but it is an amino acid which aims on the body fat that is stored. It may also be helpful in reducing the muscle soreness and tenderness caused as a result of working out.
  • Capsaicin – Some fat burning supplements may have capsaicin. It may found in extract of chilli pepper and can be very useful in relieving pain. Capsaicin purposely targets on reducing inflammation, reducing pain as well as reducing nerve pain. Capsaicin ensures this through blocking or reducing the signals which are sent by the pain receptors.
  • Chromium – This is a mineral which is found in very low amounts in the body. It increases the insulin effects. As a fat burner, it is very important in helping the body to use and regulate carbohydrates and sugar. It has a glucose tolerance factor meaning that it really helps in maintaining healthy glucose or sugar levels within the body.

What are the benefits of fat burners?

Fat loss – Fat burners such as Phen375 were made by the manufactures to help in speeding up the fat loss. But this should not make you lower your exercise and physical activity. Actually, if you are taking the fat burning supplements, you need to have a lifestyle that is more active. This will really be good in providing you with the results you need. It is good to note that fat burners cannot be effective if you are still maintaining your inactive lifestyle as you take them. You need to be involved in some physical activities to allow sustainable fat loss results. Fat burners speed up fat loss by using different mechanisms. They can really help you in permanently getting rid of the belly fat.

Prevention of muscle loss – A situation that is very difficult to counter is preventing muscle loss as you try losing weight. Your muscles may also break down to give way for your weight loss. You need to understand that losing weight because of muscle loss is not healthy and it may make you very weak. Apart from that, in the process of muscle loss, the body will start retaining the fat which you need to lose. If you ensure proper use of fat burners, you will safely and effectively lose fat.

Fat burners for women – It is true that men and women experience the same process of burning fat. But there are certain combinations of ingredients that work better in women due to their own distinctive physiological needs. Below are some common weight loss problems which women always experience:

  • Unlike men, women contain less lean muscle mass.
  • Most women steer clear of energy training.
  • What also usually affects women is binge eating.
  • Slower metabolism because of thyroid issues.
  • Birth control or other related medication.
  • Weight gain because of pregnancy or postpartum.
  • Slow metabolism because of menopause and lacking estrogen.

For the women who really need to lose weight, it is good to look for the women fat burners to help them in sustainable and safe weight loss.

Management of food cravings – It is always true that if you chose wrong diets, you may end up gaining weight. The cravings of junk food are very hard to overcome. This makes most people eating food that is unhealthy. This is the reason to why many fat burner formulas have ingredients that help you in managing your cravings and in the process you get weight-loss results that are sustainable. Your levels of sugar also contribute to the food cravings. Individuals who have low blood sugar are much likely to have cravings for soda, sweet food, or any other junk foods. It is so important to ensure that you manage your levels of blood sugar even before you begin to encounter the cravings. There are certain fat burners which address this through the provision of ingredients that help you in maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar. Fat burners will also help you in the management of binge eating disorder (BED).

Increase in your energy levels – Fat burners will also help you in increasing your energy on a cellular level.

Renting a house while having a criminal record

One of the key points which landlords review when interviewing for a rental is tenant screen. what does it mean for one who has committed a felony? Are there any Felon Friendly Apartments? While the screening is a stress-free and regular procedure when you don’t have a criminal record at all, it is possible to be discriminated upon due to past records.

It is important to understand the difference between a documented conviction and a police record. To see the options you have when you have a criminal record when it comes to renting an apartment, then you can as well do with the guide to renting with a felony record.

Is it possible to be denied a rental house due to a felony?

Yes. In modern times, there are discrimination which is based on ethnicity, race, gender, family status, religion, disability is not tolerated and therefore, considered illegal. These means that being denied a house due to the fact that you have a criminal record is not discrimination and that is entirely left to the landlord to decide.

The reason why a landlord or a property management company might deny you tenancy might be due to a desire to minimize the risks. As a homeowner, you will tend to have a better understanding of the type of tenant you want in your apartment. Things which will not be tolerated include:

  • Late rent payments
  • Agreement violation
  • Problems with the neighbors
  • Tenants who are noisy and at the same time socially irresponsible.
  • Rental unit having illegal activity.

When you get Felon Friendly Apartments, the landlords and property management companies have to differentiate between an arrest record and conviction record. Any record for arrest will show when there is a criminal background check, but when there is no actual conviction, then there is no need for one to be denied a house. If that is done, then it will be discriminating against the applicant.

Do most apartments contact a criminal background check?

It is a must to do a background check before letting out an apartment. There are various levels of background checks with the major ones being credit score, eviction and criminal records. There are several online sources which tend to make it easy for tenants to be able to pay for the background checks and for the landlords to be able to view them.

About 44% of the landlords might not overlook a history of criminal. If the odds are not in your favor, you have a criminal record; there are ways you can find a rental in Felon Friendly Apartments. The truth is that you are not the only one who is going through that issue. About 28% of those seeking apartments have a record with blemishes. What you will need is to jump through some hooks before you get there.

Getting an apartment with a felony record

You will need to first start your search with those apartment buildings which don’t have background checks. You can as well connect with a real estate agent who is trustworthy who has the knowledge as far as renting is concerned.

  • Look for property management companies vs individual landlords: Instead of going to search for rentals in buildings which are managed and operated by companies for property management, you can as well try to search for apartments which are privately owned and managed by individuals.At times management companies tend to do background checks which are thorough when it comes to applicants who want to rent from them. If you happen to get a landlord who is understanding, it will be better dealing with them than the companies.When it comes to talking to an individual person, it might be easier to be able to explain your situation when having a face to face conversation as long as you have proper documentation. The chances for you getting a landlord to rent you might be higher than via the management company. This is only possible if they can see that, you are not the person the record is trying to portray you to be.This does not mean that you hide your past records from the potential landlord. You are just trying to get a better scenario which might allow you to have an opportunity to speak openly and direct as far as your record is concerned. At the end of the day, the landlord will have the last say to whom they will give their apartment.
  • Try and be honest: Nowadays due to the presence of social media and the internet, it might be hard to get away with a lie. Just doing a simple google search might bring out information that you are trying to hide. This combined with a background check will make the prospective landlord know exactly who you are. When you lie during your application, it might taint your already bad record even more thereby leading to you being rejected as a tenant.Even if at the end of the day you get the unit for rental without the landlord being able to find out about the record of criminal activities that you have, if they happen to discover it while you are still in the unit, you might just get evicted which might be more stressful.
  • Get to learn the rules your state: In some states, a background check will not reveal a criminal record that is over 7 years.. in case you are in such a situation, then there is no need to disclose your conviction. In many cases, it is unfair to be denied a house just because of an old conviction. But there are some states which don’t have a law against it.
  • Need to understand what landlords don’t like seeing: Assume you are the landlord. You will want to rent your house to someone who is trustworthy and reliable. One who will be able to pay rent on time without having to cause any problems. That is something you will need to keep in mind when you are looking for an apartment.

Do You Really Need To Change Your Wardrobe? Or Your Colors?

It is true that you’ve got a whole new color to contend with. (Forget the no-color, no-pigment thing. When it comes to integrating your hair into a whole fashion look, it is a color!) And that’s enough to make you feel like you need to change your wardrobe. It’s different than going blonde, women have told me. At least then you have some tone to build color choices around. White or silvered hair gives you no clues. Like a blank slate. Consider this an opportunity.

Show Your Hair

Show Your Hair You Care

There’s no doubt about it – gray hair can be glorious! But you’ve got to keep it that way. Does it take any more “work” than pigmented hair? Not really. Any kind of hair can have problems — frizz, dryness, dullness, limpness — and if you’ve always done the right things for your hair, you’ll find the care and treatment of gray hair a snap.

The most important thing to achieve is the look of healthy, shining hair. Admittedly, this is a little trickier, as un-pigmented hair loses much of its ability to reflect light. Carmine Minardi, co-owner and Style Director of the world-famous Minardi Salon in New York City, notes that there’s a “liberating feeling when women first go gray.” While that’s very much a natural reaction, he also finds a few years down the road “women want to do something to improve the quality of their hair.” Why not start NOW? Click on the links at right to find out how.

How Do You Get From Here To Gray?

GOING GRAY? Maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re going platinum. Or pewter. Or sterling, snow, silver, ice or pearl. Think of it this way: it may not be your birth color, but the effect is a true and honest overall color. If we change the way we think about gray, about the fading, the aging, and think about it as a viable color choice, it changes our way of thinking about gray hair.

Just as we don’t say “yellow” for blonde hair, we don’t have to say gray. Giving your gray a new name is more than semantics. It implies an attitude about gray, an acceptance of its natural beauty. Its pure, yes, color. It’s time for the way we perceive gray to change. When people compliment my “gray” hair, I say “Thank you, but it’s really pewter with ice highlights.” Try it.

going through “the change.”
There are lots of ways to play with gray, lots of ways to “survive” the whole process, and look fabulous every step of the way. The book gives you really four choices, which you can explore in depth in Chapter 3. But click on any of the choices on the right if you want some quick tips.

Here’s a model runway shot for all you gals who hate your roots. Okay, hers are in-reverse (white hair, blonde roots), but the message seems to be – if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em! Transitioning can be tough, but put a smile on your face and walk that catwalk, girl! Take a look at Café Gray, too, for great Member tips.


Gray Hairstyles Gallery

While most hairstyle sites show hundreds of styles, very few (if any) are shown on women with gray, silver, charcoal, or transitioning hair. And that’s a pity. So here, photographed on our own Members, are some of the favorite styles Silver Sisters gravitate to. With the exception of a few shots from the original book, most of our gals didn’t have the benefit of hair and makeup artists, studio lighting, or any of the other tricks of the trade that make hair pop and shine. But this is a good thing. Because it shows “real life” gray, the way it looks most days. And, as some of the pictures below show women actually in the transitioning process, you’ll get a chance to see how some of these styles work with color tips still on the ends. Browse through. You’ll get an idea or two for your next appointment.

new do’s
It’s staring to happen! There are now a few stylin’ sites that are turning their artistic attention to silver hair! Granted, some of them are “out there,” but “dancing icicles” seem to inspire stylists, as well as creative plays with highlights and lowlights.

secrets of gray hair

The Incredible Secrets of Gray Haired Women

Many females of middle-aged women have black, brown, or any coloured hair but having gray hair is quite common at certain point. But many women and ladies think that gray is the cause of aging process. Actually, various woman doesn’t realize that the cause of gray hair is because this hair occurs when the coloured cell does not create the pigment. This produced pigment is the reason which can make hair to be in black color. The women mostly have this kind of hair when they are going to be of age fifty. The reason of getting gray hair is not because of aging but it is mainly a cause of deficiency of vitamin B 12 or due to few health issues.


As many don’t know this thing, they utilize different colouring dye products such as demi permanent or semi-permanent colours. They tend to use hair sprays or utilize certain shampoos for not getting gray hair. Some highlight their hair by scattering the strands of gray hair so as to mix up with your actual coloured hair. But on the other side some people embrace or love having the gray hair. They love their gray hair and dye it with different coloured dyes to make it a different hairstyle. There are some secrets that gray hair woman follow or tips is making them to love being a gray haired person.


What are the top secrets followed by gray haired woman?


It is already mentioned that some people don’t like to embrace the gray hair and some other do love having this kind of hair. The women who embrace it has secrets or follow the tips to fully love their gray hair.


Having gray hair don’t mean that of giving up on your appearance or look. But actually, it is actually quite opposite. As most of the ladies’ stress about being gray haired person that it will mute their look of the skin tone. But the women who love to have gray hair chooses the shade of lipstick or look that is best suitable to their gray hair. They think having this hair provides optional luxury which can be matching to their maxi dress which is stunningly jewel made one.


As few think gray hair is due to aging procedure. The women who embrace the gray hair don’t think it as a prize or reward, they think it is an option of wearing it. They also feel having these hair strands is not by aging but power lies within them of wearing it with the confidence. These ladies feel to embrace this silver strands having a great confidence levels and give time for better methods of colouring it or keep it as gray coloured hair.

Secrets of Gray Hair


Some Additional pampering is required for the gray hair because unlike blonde hair, gray hair needs more attention to style or dye with different hues. Since silver hairs build up their shading by losing color, they are drier than their strands that are first. This hair needs a little finishing up in a spa or saloon visits for keeping it new and shiny. Sustain yourself to have better nourishing shampoo in your routine to keep your strands saturated. Thus, these are few of the secrets which are considered by gray haired women that embrace and love to have it.


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